Friday, August 21, 2009

HOW TO: NFS MW Lan Play on Hamachi

There is no count on the number of Need for Speed Most Wanted enthusiasts calling me for this. So, I decided to write a guide myself.I assume that you have bought an original copy of the game. (Pirates can stop reading here itself because this guide doesn’t work for them). You need 3 basic pre-requites before you move on.

1. NFS MW Patch 1.3 —> Get it here

2. Log Me In Hamachi —> Get it here

3. MW-Hamachi —> Get it here

Here we go :

Step 1. Install the game.

Step 2. Install the NFSMW patch 1.3. Simple.

Step 3. Install Hamachi. Choose a nickname. Wait till it logs in. Create a new network. Ask your friends to join it.

Step 4. Copy the MW Hamachi to the game’s installation directory.

Step 5. You need to edit the file server.cfg with notepad. Paste your hamachi IP there.


Step 6. Run MW – Hamachi. Type speed.exe as shown.


Step 7. Thats it. We are all set. Host / Join the server. Go Go Go.

Step 8. The Host should create the server. Others should select session match.

Note: This wont work for pirated versions as there is a conflict between Patch 1.3 and the crack.Buy the game. Pay those great people at EA who make these wonderful games.